Octomom Filed For Bankruptcy, Doing Masturbation Video To Pay The Bills

Octomom Nadya Suleman

Octomom’s troubles never cease. The mother of 14 filed for bankruptcy Monday because she is approaching $1 million of debt. In Chapter 7 papers in Orange County Superior Court she reports $50,000 assets, and almost $1 million in debt. She currently owes $30,000 in back payments on her house.
Here’s a list of her creditors:
– Orkin Pest Control
– Roberto Robles Gardening Services
– Sparkletts
– William F. Turner Attorney at Law
– Kaiser Permanente
– The DMV
– Farmers Insurance Group
– Verizon Wireless
– City of La Habra Water Dept.
– So Cal Gas Company
– So Cal Edison Company (power)
– Sylvan Learning
– Superior Court of California
– Whittier Christian School
– DirecTV
She says that the bankruptcy for her is hitting rock bottom, telling Dr. Drew on HLN: “I don’t think you can get farther, deeper down into the rock bottom than we are at this point.[My kids] are healthy [and] safe. They don’t feel it. I do. All the weight is on my shoulders… we cannot afford our home at this present time.”
Basically Chapter 7 means that her assets will be liquidated, and used to pay back her creditors, but the bulk of her debt will dissolve.
Her income from all the media she got when her octopulets were born three years ago has dried up, and now she’s having a hard time paying her mortgage and putting food on the table. In the past year she’s gotten a few thousand here and there for things like a celebrity boxing match, and nude photos, but she’s had to get on food stamps to feed her family. She’s said many times that she’s taking classes to become a physical trainer, but honestly that doesn’t seem like a lucrative enough job to pay her family’s massive expenses. The bankruptcy will give her a reprieve, but if she doesn’t find a solution soon, she’ll be right back in the same situation.
In an effort to find a means to support her family, she’s reportedly signed on to do p0rn. She’s been offered to film adult movies several times, and she’s vowed to never do that because she doesn’t want to “touch other human flesh,” but it seems like she’s found a loophole: masturbation videos.
According to TMZ, she’ll do the shoot this summer, and doesn’t consider it pornography because it doesn’t involve other people.
Knowing that she’s vowed to never do adult films in the past, she recently told HLN’s Nischelle Turner “I’m gonna eat my words!”
In Nadya’s defense, even though she’s made extremely poor decisions in her life, she now has 14 children that she has to care for, feed, and educate. When she applies for food stamps, she gets massive backlash (and even receives serious death threats.) Those babies have to get fed somehow. It also seems like she needs a lot more adult help than she’s receiving, but there aren’t any simple answers in this situation.
She was also recently investigated by Orange County Department of Family and Children’s Services after her hairdresser (who was paid $500 by Nadya) called them. They left without taking the children, and Nadya claims the whole thing was a set up.



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