Jermain Defoe In Cheating Scandal

Jermain Defoe

Footie ace Jermain Defoe cheated on pop star girlfriend Alexandra Burke with a model he smuggled into a hotel room.
The Spurs and England striker, 29, romped with Geordie Laura Brown, 23, in Newcastle after two previous meetings. Laura said: “I never planned on sleeping with him, it just happened.”
The model who got friendly on Facebook with Defoe said last night: “I’m not going to lie — we did have sex.”
Now, Laura says, she regrets it — and feels sorry for Hallelujah singer Alexandra.
Laura told a friend: “Alexandra has been pictured wearing Jermain’s Spurs shirt.
“But she obviously has not a clue he has cheated on her. I feel so sorry for her.”
She added: “You can see girls in Newcastle clubs week after week with different footballers and I think, ‘You are so stupid’. Now I’m the stupid one.”
Defoe and X Factor winner Alexandra, 23, have been happy to display their togetherness in public and are known as a celebrity couple.
Earlier this week they stepped out arm in arm in Hertfordshire in front of cameras and looking loved-up.
Last month Alexandra comforted Defoe when his friend Fabrice Muamba collapsed with a cardiac arrest during Spurs’ FA Cup game against Bolton Wanderers.
And the 2008 X Factor winner wore the “Defoe” shirt for a volleyball game in the Caribbean earlier this month.
But Defoe smuggled Laura, a nursing assistant who also models at promotional events, into his hotel room.
Laura, who says she met Defoe twice previously after they struck up a friendship on Facebook, said: “I never planned on sleeping with him, it just happened. He texted me and said. ‘I’m in your home town.’
“He told me he wanted to see me and messaged his room number.
“We chatted for a while then started cuddling and talked about watching a film.
“But as we lay on the bed he started rubbing his hands on me and we ended up having sex.
“The next day I felt dreadful about it. I’d asked him about Alexandra Burke and he told me it was ‘early days’.
“It now appears that they really are an item. I was shocked when I saw pictures of them together in the paper this week. And Alexandra has apparently said she is in love. I am very upset.”
Laura — who has been a contestant on BBC 3’s comedy game show World Series of Dating — told her friend she had been Facebook chums with Defoe “for a long time” and they had exchanged “loads of messages”.
She added they first met last October when she spent five hours in his hotel room in Newcastle, the night before Spurs’ Premier League game against the Magpies.
The pal said Laura told her they kissed and cuddled on the bed after a flirty chat.
But she went home by taxi at 1.30am with Defoe telling her: “I respect you for that.” The pal said: “The next day Defoe scored in the game and texted Laura that night saying she was his lucky charm. Laura thought they were genuine friends.”
Weeks later, when Laura was visiting London, Defoe made contact and invited her and two friends to visit his home in Hertfordshire for a few hours.
He then arranged for a driver to take the group to a party they were due to attend in the capital. The pal said: “Laura said nothing happened and he was a real gentleman.”
The two stopped “talking” online soon afterwards but started again last month. That led to the sexy tryst in the hotel room. Laura told her mate: “We stayed together all night. At first we were just talking and it was a nice, fun time.
“About 11pm he said he needed to go to bed to get plenty of sleep.
“He said I could stay and he just started cuddling me as we lay on the bed. We lay like that for about 45 minutes but stupidly I gave in.”
Laura, who lives in a town ten miles away from Newcastle, tweeted the day after the fling: “You never know what goes on behind closed doors #sotrue.”
A spokesman for Defoe declined to comment last night.



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