Zoo Keeper Crushed To Death By Elephant

African Elephant in South Africa

African Elephant in South Africa

A keeper at a zoo in New Zealand has been crushed to death by an elephant which sat on her, according to emergency officials and reports.
Police have confirmed they were called to an incident involving an elephant and its keeper at Franklin Zoo , near Auckland, but said no further information would be released until the woman’s family had been informed.
“The elephant had been secured and paramedics were working with the patient”, a fire service spokesman said. She has since died.
The zoo has not commented.
In an article posted on the zoo website in 2010, sanctuary director and veterinary surgeon Helen Schofield said the elephant, Jumbo – also known as Mila – had settled in well and developed close and affectionate relationships with her team of keepers.
Ms Schofield wrote: “Our dream for Jumbo is to get her in a situation where she can have other African elephants for company.
“It is a tremendous privilege to take care of Jumbo. I feel personally humbled and flattered by the big, ear-flapping purrs she gives me as a greeting when I return to see her from other activities in the sanctuary. She is so affectionate and responsive.”
The zoo negotiated the release of the 40-year-old elephant in 2009 from a circus where it had lived in shackles for 30 years.
African elephants are the world’s largest land creatures. They can live for up to 70 years, tend to sleep very little, and eat up to 300lbs (136kg) of food every day.



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