Live Updates: House Debates Fuel Subsidy Probe Report (Day Two)

14:32 House adopts the final recommendation, 62.

14:28 Members considering the last remcomendation. So far, no member have outrightly opposed any of the recommendations.

14:25 Recommedations 54 to 61 adopted. Apparently exhusted, members minimize debates.

14:22 Recommendations 45 to 53 adopted by the House. The chamber begins to empty as some members leave the green chambers.
13:54 House adopts recommendation 43 requiring it to enact a unique law targeted at criminalizing extra-budgetary expenditure. Recommendation 44 have also been adopted without amendment.

13:46 Debates on whether to criminalize extrabudgetary expenditure by a unique law is still ongoing. Some members say the offence is already covered by laws against theft. Others say there is need for clarity through a unique law, targeted at such offences.

13:31 Members of the probe panel are defending recommendation 43 seeking a law to criminalize extra-budgetery expenditures by government officials. They argue that no law so far criminalizes such offences.

13:23 Farouk Lawan’s ammendments to recommendation42 adopted. PPPRA (not Mr Dankwanbo) should be investigated for the “irregular” payments by the accountant general in January 2009.

13:16 Farouk Lawan explains that the payment of N999 million 128 times in 24 hours by the accountant general between 12th and 13th January 2009 is “irregular.” He read a letter from CBN indicating the payments were made to PPPRA’s account and further paid to 52 companies. He has letters from Ibrahim Dankwanbo, the then accountant general saying the same thing. Mr Lawan is proposing that the PPPRA, rather than the then Accountant General of the Federation be investigated.

13:13 The deputy speaker who is chairing the session is willing to take more than normally allowed comments on recommendation 42.

13:08 Uche Ekwunife argues that “nothing will come out of” recommendation 42 which seeks futher investigation the accountant general (January 2009) who paid out N999 million 128 times in 24 hours to some untraceable companies. She said the accountant general “did not breach any rule.”

13:04 Workers of the Federal Ministry of Finance, Office of the Director-General Budget, and the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation involved in the extra budgetary expenditure under the PSF Scheme (2009-2011) are to be investigated and prosecuted as the House adopts and amendment to recommendation 41.

13:00 Recommendations 37 and 38 (as amended), 39 and 40 have been adopted.

12:40 Althogh accounting firms Akintola Williams Delliote & co and Olusola Adekanola and partners have been blacklisted by the Finance ministry, the House adopted recommendation 36 requiring the government to prosecute them.
12:25 Yesterday, the House adopted all recommendations considered (1 to 35) but recommendation 30. There are 62 recommendations.

12:20 Farouk Lawan moves a motion to let the House conclude consideration of the subsidy probe panel report.

12:15 Plenary begins. The subsidy probe report is not top on the agenda of the House like the previous day.



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