Honourables Call NNPC Spokesman “Chief Denial Officer”, Televised Debate Takes Off Today

NNPC spokesman, Levi Ajuonuma

In reaction to the press statement released by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) stating that the subsidy report was altered, the Chairman of the House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Mr. Zakari Mohammed has called upon the NNPC to prove its allegations.
Mohammed said, ““The NNPC’s claim that the ad hoc committee’s report may have been altered to embarrass it is in tandem with the current reckoning of its spokesman as the ‘chief denial officer.’
“The corporation must have been in possession of another version of the report for it to assert that the one officially laid before the House on Wednesday, April 18, 2012, was altered.”
Speaking on the debate taking place today, Mohammed said, “There is no going back on the debate; we will televise it in such a manner that all Nigerians will be able to watch it.
“We are not going to hide anything from Nigeria on our findings, recommendations and decisions. Those behind the fuel subsidy scandal will face public opinion court. The rest is left to history to judge everyone.”
Also concerning allegations that the House has been bribed N 10 million each in order to soft-pedal on the debate of the report, Deputy House Leader, Leo Ogor denied the allegations.
Ogor said, “This is the Nigerian parliament and we are not a cash-and-carry legislature. This is getting ridiculous. People should understand the way the legislature operates.
“This report is an open document and we shall consider the recommendations line-by-line to pass them.
“Rather than spreading all sorts of meaningless and cheap allegations, they should observe our proceedings tomorrow (today).
“Nigerians will watch their representatives as they consider the report to see if they will let them down.
“I can’t believe all these allegations are flying around because we did an honest investigation into an industry that touches the life of every Nigerian.”


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