Trophyless Nasri Challenged To £10k Bet

Samir Nasri has few friends at Arsenal

A bitter Samir Nasri goaded Arsenal on Monday after Gunners fans turned on their former player following Sunday’s crucial win over Manchester City.
Nasri was part of the City side who slumped to a 1-0 defeat at Emirates Stadium, almost certainly ending their Premier League title hopes. Now eight points behind rivals United, Roberto Mancini’s men are set to end the season trophyless.
That fact was not lost on Arsenal fans when it came to former hero Nasri, who irked his loyal following at a press conference when joining City. Whilst insisting that his move was not about money, Nasri stated that he would have more chance of winning trophies at Eastlands.
A barrage of reminders on Twitter about the France international’s empty trophy cabinet eventually drew a response by Nasri, who decided to remind Arsenal that they are a distance behind City in the league table.
“I’m aware what I said about titles,” Nasri said on Twitter. “I’m sure I will lift a trophy with Man City before AFC.
“And to all the Arsenal fans, move on. City are 10 points ahead of you. Just support your team and forget about me.”
Nasri then had his bluff called after the suggestion that City will lift some silverware before Arsenal, with celebrity Gunners fan Piers Morgan challenging the Frenchman to stump up £10,000 for charity if he is wrong.



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