Singer Adele’s Neighbour Woes

Adele's new Brighton home could be blighted after her neighbour applied for permission to build an extension which would look over her property

Singer Adele’s new two-million-pound home may be turned into a nightmare if her neighbour’s plan of a property extension materializes.
Her millionaire neighbour in Brighton plans to extend the property to include a plunge pool, which will overlook her house, two balconies and decking, if permission is granted, reports
“This would be a nightmare for Adele. It may be she didn’t even know about it but I wouldn’t want to pay 2 million pounds, then see a neighbour’s pool built outside my window,” said a source.
The decking would affect the line of sight from the house which Adele plans to share with boyfriend Simon Konecki.
“The big factor in these properties is the uninterrupted 180-degree view owners have from the rear. I’d imagine she’s pretty annoyed,” the source added.
If Adele had pulled out of the house purchase on discovering the application, she would still have been liable for a huge bill.



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