Man Has Scrotum Torn ‘By Girlfriend’ During Violent Row

Christina Reber, 43, is accused of grabbing hold of her former partner's scrotum

A man had his scrotum torn ‘by his on-off girlfriend’ during a row in his home, it was revealed today.
Christina Reber, 43, marched into her former partner’s home and grabbed hold of his genitalia and squeezed ‘as hard as she could’, it has been claimed.
The victim, 57, was left with a long and wide tear to his scrotum following the attack in Muncie, Indiana.
The man had ended their eight-month relationship just days before she allegedly carried out the attack, The Smoking Gun reported.
Reber, 43, was arrested on suspicion of several offences following the incident last Friday.
She was released from prison yesterday after providing a $10,000 bond.
She has been charged with two felonies – aggravated battery and illegally entering the property. She is also accused of domestic battery.
The traumatised victim has such bad swelling he is unable to walk and has been off work.
A police report said the wound is still bleeding – and doctors still do not know whether he will be permanently wounded.
According to a police report, Reber walked into the victim’s property unannounced and yelled at him to ‘call the f****** police’ before she attacked him.
The report by officer Nick Ramsey said: ‘(The victim) stated that after he grabbed Reber he felt her grab his scortum and begin squeezing as hard as she could.
‘(He) stated that he was in incredible pain when Reber grabbed his scrotum and began digging in her fingers.
‘(He) stated that Reber refused to let go of his scrotum and that both of them fell to the ground.’
It added that he was covered in blood – and part of his scrotum had been completely torn from his body.
The man was rushed to the nearby Ball Memorial Hospital following the attack.
Reber will appear in court on April 30.



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