China Appeals To North Korea To Stop Rocket Launch

A crowd of media gather around a North Korean official in front of North Korea's Unha-3 rocket

China, Japan and South Korea all voiced their concern over North Korea’s planned satellite launch, after Pyongyang threatened “merciless punishment” against any country that shoots down the long-range rocket it is preparing to send into the atmosphere.
Pyongyang said it plans to send a weather satellite into space between April 12 to 16, but South Korea and the US say it is a disguised ballistic missile test.
Both Japan and South Korea had put their military defences on alert and had said they would intercept the rocket if it poses a threat to their country.
North Korea has said the rocket’s trajectory will be southwards and that will not impact neighbouring countries.
The planned launch, which has even drawn criticism from ally China, will mark the 100th birth anniversary of state founder Kim Il-sung.



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