BREAKING NEWS: Explosion Rocks Kaduna

The extremist Boko Haram sect strikes again in the North’s political capital.
Reports from Kaduna say a bomb has exploded at Sardauna Crescent, near the Ahmadu Bello Stadium in the city centre.
We are unable to ascertain casualty figures and extent of damage at this point. But there are claims that more than 20 people might have died with several others admitted to hospitals around the city.
The National Emergency Management Agency says it has mobilised rescue and security agencies to the scene of the explosion.
Spokesperson for the agency, Yushau Shuaibu, says commercial motorcyclists were major victims.
Our correspondent at the scene is reporting that today’s is the deadliest bombing in Kaduna so far.
He said, “The city of Kaduna has never seen this magnitude of a blast. It happened right in the centre of the city leaving so many people dead. I have counted 16 totally damaged motor bikes and six cars. A branch of First Bank closed to the scene  was shattered and so are many adjoining buildings. About 8 people have been confirmed dead at this point but several charred bodies, burnt beyond recognition, are littering the scene.”
The police in Kaduna could not be reached for comments.
An eyewitness, Isa Musa, however informed us that the explosion occurred inside a vehicle being used to convey explosive devices to an unknown destination.
Mr. Musa also said the occupants of the car tried to abandon it when they realised the device would explode.  The car however exploded as soon as as the men alighted from it.
“The bomb exploded when they abruptly stopped and came down from the car, and many people have been killed because the place was very congested with Okada men and people taking pap beside the main road,”Mr. Musa said.
He also said the explosion was so powerful that it affected the nearby Fina White Hotel, opposite the scene of the explosion.



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  1. Aivy

    May God help us!!!

  2. asabe

    The spirit of Easter cannot be broken. The Lord will hear our prayers. Happy Easter.

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