Arnold Schwarzenegger Slams Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation poster

Arnold Schwarzenegger has slammed the last Terminator film as ‘awful’.
The former Governor of California didn’t star in ‘Terminator Salvation’ and said the Hollywood blockbuster “missed the boat.”
The 2009 film starred Christian Bale and Sam Worthington and was the only film in the Terminator franchise that didn’t feature the 63 year old.
Schwarzenegger told film website the film was awful.
‘It tried hard, not that they didn’t try, the acting and everything. It missed the boat,’ he said.
Schwarzenegger made his comments when asked if he would reprise his most famous role as the killer cyborg.
‘[I’m open to] all those things, if it’s True Lies, Terminator, a well-made Terminator … the last one was awful.’
Schwarzenegger said he is particularly keen to do a follow up to the comedy “Twins” with Danny De Vito and suggested with a new recruit it could be called ‘Triplets’.
Since stepping down as California Governor and seeing the break-up of his marriage to Maria Shriver he has thrown himself back into his acting career.
He has completed filming on The Expendables 2 with Sylvester Stallone and has also filmed The Last Stand and is set to begin filming on Unknown Soldier and The Tomb.
Terminator Salvation took more than $370m at the worldwide box office making it the least successful of the two sequels to the original film from 1984.
Terminator 2 took more than $500m while Terminator 3 was also a box office hit with $433m.



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  1. jumpingpolarbear

    It was no Terminator 2 but is sure as hell was better than Terminator 3!

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