Gaming Addict Killed Newborn

South Korea has an estimated 2 million internet addicts, with concerns growing about its impact on society

A South Korean woman has been detained for allegedly killing her baby who was born while she was playing online games.
Police said the 26-year-old gave birth while at an internet cafe in Seoul on March 25. She allegedly put the infant in a plastic bag, sealed it and dumped it in a nearby parking lot.
The woman had visited internet cafes almost daily, police said.
“She was playing games until right before she gave birth in the cafe’s bathroom,” a police spokesman in the city’s Songpa district said.
“She didn’t even know her waters had broken.”
Police said the woman was being held in a state nursing facility and would face trial for infanticide.
There have been other reports of deaths related to internet game addiction in South Korea, one of the world’s most wired societies.
A 41-year-old man was sentenced to two years in prison in the same year after he and his wife left their baby daughter to die at home of malnutrition while they were in internet cafes.
Official figures estimate there are two million internet addicts in South Korea.
The government has adopted a “Cinderella” law to ban youngsters from playing online games past midnight as concern grows about internet addiction.



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