O.J. Simpson ‘Furious With Daughter For Squandering His $25,000-A-Month NFL Pension And Letting His Mansion Fall To Foreclosure As He Sits In Jail’

O.J. and daughter, Arnelle

O.J. Simpson’s financial and legal woes never seem to go away – even from behind bars.
This time, it has been revealed he is on the verge of losing his South Florida mansion because his oldest daughter Arnelle has not paid the mortgage for two years.
According to the National Enquirer, Simpson is furious with her and is blaming her for squandering his $25,000-a-month NFL pension.
The mortgage on his four-bedroom, Kendall home is $3,133-per-month.
But documents revealed it hasn’t been paid since 2010 – despite the fact the acquitted murderer trusted Arnelle to look after his interests and assets after he was jailed for 33 years on kidnapping, armed robbery and assault offenses in 2008.
Sources told the Enquirer: ‘O.J. was forced to sign paperwork to fight the foreclosure. He couldn’t get over it.’
In an angry phone call from his Nevada prison, he accused her of blowing his money on alcohol, shopping and living a lavish lifestyle.
The source said: ‘O.J. fought with Arnelle all the time about her drinking, and he tried for years to get her married to get her out of his house.
‘All she would do is sit around and drink vodka, even for breakfast.’
‘Arnelle is a shopaholic. Shopping was often the only thing that got her out of the house. She loved her trips to Saks and Victoria’s Secret and paid for them with her father’s money.
‘She’d also bring all of her friends to the house or go to expensive restaurants and buy everyone dinner and drinks.
Though the former NFL star lost most of his assets to the family of Ron Goldman in a wrongful death lawsuit, the 64-year-old was still able to keep his monthly pension from his footballing days.
His daughter is allegedly planning on buying a condo in Los Angeles with his money.
The source told the Enquirer: ‘Her actions are really revenge against a father she felt abandoned his children long ago for a life of bad behavior and crazy antics with questionable friends and loose women.’
Known as ‘The Juice’, OJ Simpson was one of the nation’s best-loved sportsmen with a clean-cut image and a multi-million dollar fortune.
But all that changed on the night of June 12, 1994, with the double killing of his ex-wife and her friend, who were found stabbed to death on the tiled pavement outside her Spanish-style town house near Sunset Boulevard.
Simpson was soon arrested after a bizarre slow-speed police chase through the streets of Los Angeles, driving one handed while holding a gun to his head, threatening to kill himself.
A jury later acquitted him over the double murders after a highly-televised trial, which was followed by a civil judgment which found him responsible for their deaths and ordered him to pay $33.5 million (£18.8m) in damages.
Thirteen years to the day after he was cleared of double murder, he was convicted of kidnapping, armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon and sentenced to 33 years in jail.


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