Gaddafi ‘Raped Countless Women During Years In Power’, Claims New Documentary


It is alleged that Gaddafi's female bodyguards were the targets of his attacks

Late Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi raped countless women during his years in power, according to an explosive new documentary.
German broadcaster RTL is set to screen the controversial programme – which includes interviews with his inner circle – next Monday.
Reporter Antonia Rados said; ‘There were many women in Libya spellbound by Gaddafi who wanted to meet him. And when they did he raped them.’
She said that his female bodyguards, who were supposed to lay down their lives to protect him, were also victims.
A prominent Libyan psychologist Dr Seham Sergewa said he knew of at least five of his Amazonian bodyguards who were raped by him.
Rape as a means of subduing the population was also passed on to soldiers and loyal militias who were provided with condoms and Viagra to encourage their assaults.
In June last year Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, said there was evidence that Gaddafi had instructed his troops to rape women who had voiced opposition to his regime.
Ms Rados goes on to say in the report that many women were abused by him within moments of meeting.
And he made a point of forgiving rebellious elements in his tribal society if they made ‘gifts’ of young women to him.
Ms Rados said she met many injured women who, along with their families, were sworn to years of silence over what Gaddafi had subjected them to.
A female Koran teacher told the programme; ‘None of these girls at the time would have dared say what happened to them. They would have been killed.’
The reporter also said that businessmen who traded in Libya for fantastic sums knew what their host was about and they were expected to provide ‘escort girls’ for the dictator during their meetings.
It is also alleged that Ukrainian nurses who were flown in, ostensibly to work in Libyan hospitals, actually ended up aborting the babies of his rape victims.
Gaddafi died during the NATO-backed uprising in Libya on October 20 last year when he was shot after being taken prisoner by rebels. He was 69.



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