Its Back To Music For Youssou N’Dour

Youssou N'Dour with Macky Sall (right) after the two held political negotiations at Mr Sall's residence in Dakar on March 1

Senegal’s music icon-turned-politician Youssou N’Dour made a spectacular return to music Monday night with a mega concert in downtown Dakar in honour of his friend and newly-elected President Macky Sall.
Thousands of fans turned out for the event which was a victory celebration of President Sall, who N’Dour had campaigned for in the runoff election last month.
The frenzied fans of all ages boogied to their icon’s scintillating mbalax music at the opposition bastion Place d’Obelisque near the national radio and television studios.
Adding flavour to the event was the participation of several popular local stars, including the Y’en a marre group of rappers.
The young musicians increased their profile this season by becoming vocal during the opposition and civil society movements against President Abdoulaye Wade’s controversial candidacy for a third mandate.
Speaking at the opening of the concert, N’Dour said it was in keeping with the promise he had made to honour the newly-elected president with a free concert.
N’Dour had dropped out of the musical scene last December and suspended all local and international engagements to join the presidential race.
But he was disqualified by the Constitutional Council, which vets and endorses candidates.
N’Dour joined the opposition through the Fekke Ma Ci Boule movement, which he created after parting ways with President Wade when the latter insisted on going for a third term.



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