Aizhai Bridge: The Highest Suspension Bridge In World Opens To Traffic

Aizhai extra large suspension bridge in Hunan, China

On March 31, 2012. Aizhai suspension bridge, with a main span of 1,176 meters and a maximum height of 330 meters, was open to traffic on Saturday. Spanning over the Dehang canyon, the bridge was built as part of the expressway from southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality to Changsha city in Hunan. Its completion would greatly improve the transportation between the two cities, according to authorities.
On the Morning of March 28 2010, the haulage cable has been successfully pulled from the Chadong Section to the Jishou Section on the opposite side of Dehang Grand Gorge by helium airship, which means the Aizhai Grand Suspension Bridge of the Jicha Highway has entered its main cable construction stage.
On 09:08 am, having flied across the 1,176-meter gorge, the airship reached the other side successfully 17 minutes later and made a connection between the two sides by a high-strength nylon rope with a diameter of millimeters.
According to the project director, the Aizhai Grand Suspension Bridge is a key project in the whole Jicha Highway program. With a main span of 1,176 meters and a subgrade width of 24.5 meters, this steel truss suspension bridge has the largest span in gorge throughout our country. The bridge is to be build in accordance with the highway standard of two lanes & four driveways, whose designed speed is 80 kilometers per hour As the bridge is located 335 meters over the Aizhai Town and the traffic below the bridge is heavy, it is proved that pulling the haulage cable by an airship would be the most convenient and safest way to start the project.



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