Van Persie – Let’s Keep This Up For A Year

Red-hot Robin Van Persie

Robin van Persie has challenged Arsenal to emulate the “best of the best” by sustaining their recent performances over a whole season.
Arsène Wenger’s team are the Premier League’s form side after reeling off five consecutive victories – with four of those secured from losing positions.
Van Persie has led the way with seven goals in that winning run and he’s been impressed by Arsenal’s resolve as much as their results. Now he wants those standards delivered consistently.
“If you look at the last couple of weeks, we showed we have a lot of character in our side,” Van Persie told Arsenal Player.
“After the two defeats to Milan and Sunderland, everyone was like ‘this is going to be a tough couple of weeks’ because we had games against Spurs, Liverpool, Milan and an international week and then Newcastle. Yet we won every game, so we showed lots of character. We can be proud of that.
“Now we need to show that over a period of a whole year. That is very hard and only the best of the best teams have that in them. Look at Barcelona for example. They have a special team there, they are playing most games – 9 out of 10 – really well and working hard. We need to have a run like that for months and even win the ugly games.
“We showed signs that we can do it because against Liverpool we didn’t play well but still nicked it. Sometimes it is necessary to win those games. We came from behind in the past four games and ended up winning the game. That shows we can do it, not only once or twice or three times, but lots of times. So why not show it 20 times or whenever it is needed?”
Van Persie knows that will be difficult, not least because he feels the Premier League is the most intense in Europe.
“It is very hard [to be consistent], especially in a league like England,” he said. “In my opinion, if you look in a technical way, a physical way, the pace, the quickness of the game, all that stuff together, the Premier League is the hardest.
“I see lots of games from Italy and Spain, but overall it is the hardest league. It is tough to play the way we all want. We need to be consistent and get a win over the line, like at Liverpool. We did it now, and we can enjoy it, but we need to show it again [at Everton] and it may even be a harder game. But we have to give it our maximum and see where it ends.”



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