Lady Gaga Earns $30million A Year From Twitter

Reports suggest Lady Gaga's tweets have become a major earner

Lady Gaga reportedly earns $30 million (£18.9 million) a year through her Twitter account. 
A reported published in the Wall Street Journal claims that the singer’s 20 million followers are worth one third of the reported $90 million (56.9 million) that she made last year.
Marketing manager John Bonini, who works for Impact Branding & Design, says that the singer’s strong relationship with her fans over the social networking site ensures that her fanbase purchase her music rather than download it illegally.
”She really engages them and re-tweets stuff they say as if she was one of them”, he says.
Earlier this year Gaga became the first person to reach the 20 million followers on Twitter.
The singer beat Justin Bieber to the milestone, who has 18.1 million fans on the social site.
Katy Perry is currently third most-followed person with 15.75m followers, while Shakira is at four with 14.56m and Rihanna with 14.49.



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  1. jumpingpolarbear

    I need to get 19 million 999 thousand and 950 hundred more followers then 🙂

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