Authorities Capture Killers Of Foreign Nationals

Two abducted Europeans were killed by the terrorists

Two abducted Europeans were killed by the terrorists

The Islamist captors responsible for the death of two foreigners on Thursday have been captured, president Goodluck Jonathan has revealed.
In a statement made available to the press, Jonathan strongly condemned the killing of the foreigners and promised to ensure that the arrested culprits would be prosecuted accordingly.
The foreigners, an Italian and a Briton, were abducted from Birnin Kebbi in May 2011, and were killed by their captors before they could be rescued by a joint security raid on the terrorists’ hideout.
Jonathan, who particularly commended the cooperation and understanding of the British and Italian governments, assured that the perpetrators of the murders, who have all been arrested, would be made to face the full wrath of the law.
Eight members of a militant Islamist group were shot dead during a failed mission to rescue a British engineer and his Italian colleague they had taken hostage in Nigeria, Sky sources say.
More details are now emerging of the Special Forces operation during which Christopher McManus and Franco Lamolinara apparently died at the hands of Boko Haram kidnappers – who are said to have been backed by al Qaeda.
The attempt to free Mr McManus, who comes from northwest England, and Mr Lamolinara saw UK Special Forces working with their Nigerian counterparts, who helped the British team get close to the target building.
Sky sources say authorities discovered on Monday that the hostages were being held captive in the city of Sokoto.
“By Tuesday, the security agencies were able to arrest the factional leader of Boko Haram, Abu Mohammed and four members of the sect,” a source said.
“These five suspects, still undergoing interrogation last night, later showed the security agencies the compound where the hostages were holed up.
“But they also raised concern that the hostages might be killed unless security agencies quickly moved into the compound to free them.
“They also admitted that they were being backed by al Qaeda.”
The source added: “Based on the information, security agencies mapped out strategies to invade the compound.
“But the Boko Haram members keeping the hostages suspected that something was wrong when for two days their leader, Abu Mohammed and four others did not return to the compound.
“We are suspecting that the hostages were killed to pre-empt onslaught on the compound by security agencies and the military.”
On Thursday morning, David Cameron gave the order to launch an operation to try to rescue the hostages – an assault which had been planned very rapidly.
Sky News defence and security editor Sam Kiley said there was intelligence the pair, who were held in a building in a walled compound in Sokoto, were in imminent danger of being moved, killed or moved to be killed.
Such operations are only carried out if the hostages’ lives are in danger, as they put lives at risk.
A group of six to eight members of the Special Boat Service (SBS) conducted the assault.
They could not use helicopters for the final element of the operation because the unusual sounds from the aircraft would have alerted the hostage-takers.
Sky sources said the gun battle was relatively brief – but locals in Nigeria said it was quite long.
Kiley added that while the assault on the target was probably concluded quickly, the subsequent fighting could have easily have run on for some hours as Boko Haram is a well-trained organisation.



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