Bullock And Ratner Dismiss New Romance Report

'We both had a great time at the Oscars, just not together': Sandra Bullock and Brett Ratner have teamed up to release statement rubbishing dating claims

Her love life has been very quiet since that messy split from husband Jesse James two years ago.
But if Sandra Bullock, 47 , is ready to move on, it isn’t going to be with Tower Heist director Brett Ratner, 42 , as a report has suggested.
US magazine In Touch reported on ‘Sandra’s Risky New Romance,’ risky because Ratner is a renowned playboy.
They quoted a source who allegedly saw the pair on Oscars night as saying: ‘They definitely looked like they were more than just friends.’
Before adding: ‘They were together all night, and they ended up with a kiss.’
The magazine added that Sandra’s representative had denied that the couple were dating.
But now the star has gone a step further and made a personal declaration – with Ratner – that the story is stuff and nonsense.
In a joint statement, the Blind Side star and director told Us Weekly: ‘We think that it’s incredibly sad that in these times, this magazine would resort to complete fabrication, solely for financial gain.
There is not a shred of accuracy in their story.
We have not seen nor spoken to each for over a decade.
We both had a great time after the Oscars, just not with each other.’



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