Prince Harry Sprints To Victory Against Usain Bolt In Jamaica

Prince Harry beats the Olympic champion

Prince Harry raced to victory in Jamaica today against the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt.
It didn’t matter that Bolt was merely jogging while the Prince was running, both men were smiling as they passed the finish line.
Prince Harry wearing a Jamaica t-shirt had a mock race with Usain Bolt at the University of West Indies stadium in Kingston.
The third in line to the throne took off in a false start while a laughing Bolt jogged after him, making his signature skyward point. Then the Olympic gold medalist gave the prince a few running tips before a crowd of onlookers.
Prince Harry is touring the Caribbean as part of a Diamond Jubilee tour in honor of Queen Elizabeth II as she celebrates 60 years on the throne.
The Prince’s Diamond Jubilee visit to Jamaica comes a few days after its prime minister Portia Simpson Miller reiterated her plans to drop the Queen as head of state.
The politician suggested that a referendum on her nation becoming a republic could be held sooner than previously thought, possibly this year.
Ms Simpson Miller said: “I think the fact that August coming will be 50 years since we have gained our independence (means) that it’s time for us to sever the ties.”
Jamaica is one of the Queen’s realms – a nation where she is sovereign and head of state but it is unclear how much popular support the politician’s proposals have.



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