High Court Throws Out Ryan Giggs’s Case Against The Sun

English: Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs

Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs has seen his claim for damages against The Sun newspaper thrown out by the High Court.
The former Wales international claimed that The Sun “misused” private information about him after the tabloid published details about an unnamed player’s alleged affair with the model Imogen Thomas.
Giggs was granted an injunction in April of 2011 that prevented his name being disclosed but he was widely identified on social networking sites.
The original injunction was granted on the basis that former Big Brother contestant Thomas appeared to be blackmailing Giggs.
However, last December the footballer accepted that Thomas had not been trying to blackmail him.
Nevertheless, Giggs’s legal team continued to argue in court last month that he should be allowed to sue The Sun for alleged breach of privacy.
The Sun countered by arguing that Giggs’s claim was “dead in the water”.
Mr Justice Tugendhat considered both sides and delivered his ruling against Giggs on Friday.
Earlier this month the High Court heard that Giggs had consented to being named as the footballer behind the injunction, which prevented the publication of details of the alleged extra-marital affair



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  1. Because Ryan Giggs was a key player for Manchester United for so long, he was regarded as a hero by many people. Now we know he isn’t a hero at all, but a common and garden adulterer. Super injunctions are a scary aspect of the law. I don’t agree with them. They’re a tool for the rich only. The Sun is a scary newspaper which we could all do without. Yet, it’s the biggest selling English daily in the world. Ryan Giggs or Rupert Murdoch. Frankly the Digger is a bigger menace to society.

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