DMZ Is Not A Fan Of Drake


DMX is never one to hold his tongue and during an interview on New York’s Power 105 Thursday morning (February 23) the Yonkers rapper let loose a few opinions on Drake and Rick Ross, in addition to speaking about his own, upcoming projects. The Dog opened up about his collaboration with MTV’s 2011 Hottest Breakthrough MC Machine Gun Kelly on “I Don’t Dance.” While Dark Man X praised MGK, saying that he was better than 80 percent of the rappers today, he wasn’t as impressed with Drake.
When asked if he liked Drizzy, X responded, “No,” without any hesitation. “I don’t like anything about Drake,” he stated freely. “I don’t like his f—ing voice; I don’t like the sh– he talks about; I don’t like his face; I don’t like the way he walks. Nothing. I don’t like his haircut.”
It didn’t seem that DMX had a personal problem with the Young Money standout, but Drake clearly isn’t his cup of tea. Neither is Rick Ross. “I’m just not impressed, man,” he said when asked about his opinion on Rozay’s lyrical prowess.
X also went on to reveal that he turned down a deal with Ross’ Maybach Music Group. He received interest from the label while he was in prison last year, but the he didn’t think MMG was a good fit. “I appreciated the offer, but I really couldn’t see it happening like that,” he said.
DMX is getting ready to release his next LP, Undisputed, sometime this year, though he wouldn’t commit to the rumored March date. In his new record deal, all X says he’s looking for is the proper promotion and creative control. It’s a push that he didn’t feel he got during his last few years on Def Jam when his former Murda Inc. rhyming partner Jay-Z was the company’s president. “When he first got the job he gave me a call like, ‘Yo Dog the inmates are running the building, we good,’ ” he said of a conversation that took place between him and Jay some years ago as DMX was prepping his sixth album for the label.
In DMX’s mind, his former collaborator felt threatened by the one-time rap superstar. “How do you listen to a whole album, pick a single, shoot a video, then don’t know,” X questioned about Jay’s presidential motives at the time. “OK, I see what’s really good; you’re trying to eliminate the competition.”



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