Cameras Catch Finland’s First Man Staring At Princess’s Bust

President of Finland's husband is filmed sneaking a peek down Danish princess's top

Innumerable are the men who have been caught attempting to sneak a peek at a woman’s cleavage. Not many, however, have been caught quite so publicly as the President of Finland’s husband when he attempted to peer down the dress of Princess Mary of Denmark.
Finland’s first gentleman, Pentti Arajarvi, the 63-year-old husband of President Tarja Halonen, was busted during a state dinner held by Princess Mary’s mother-in-law, Queen Margrethe.
While assembled dignitaries watched one of the evening’s speakers, not one, but two separate cameramen picked up on Arajarvi’s wandering eyes as they headed towards the bust of Princess Mary, who was seated next to him.
The moment came to a comic climax when Princess Mary, 43, turned around. Arajarvi, busted, immediately looked up at the ceiling while the princess demurely adjusted her dress.



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One comment

  1. Byron Eglen

    You can clearly see he was looking at the metal she had on her Shoulder and not at the non-existent cleavage.

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