Porsche Driver Gets Car Stuck In Cement While Trying To Take A Shortcut

Not so fast

We’ve all wondered why a clear stretch of road was coned off for no apparent reason. Well, this driver just found out exactly why.
The man behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 tried to take a shortcut through some cones in San Francisco – only to see his car sink slowly into some wet cement.
“It was coned off,” said Bobswire, a user of the Paceline bike forums. “He was just trying to sneak in from a side street. [The] concrete looked solid.”
And it wasn’t just the car that was stuck – so was the driver.”He didn’t want to open the door and have concrete get in; the whole undercarriage and brakes will need to [be] cleaned or replaced,” Bobswire said.
The unfortunate incident caught the eye of a number of spectators, who watched the six-man crew dig the Porsche out with a pair of wooden planks.



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