Iran To Help Nigeria Fight Terrorism

Nigeria-Iran partnership

Iranian government has pledged to support Nigeria in the fight against terrorism.
The promise came against the backdrop of frequent terror attacks in the northern part of the country by the fundamentalist Islamic sect, Boko Haram.
Speaking during the 33rd National Day anniversary of the Islamic Republic of Iran held weekend in Abuja, spokesman of Iranian Embassy in Nigeria, Mr. Manouchelfr Sadeghi Barzhahi, said the present security situation in the country called for concerted efforts by all friends of Nigeria to assist in the fight against insecurity, especially menace of the Boko Haram sect.
He also stressed the need for both countries to work on bilateral issues in the areas of regional economic cooperation.
He said: “Nigeria has an open market and good economic system. Through cooperation, this will create job opportunities in the country.”
He said Iran had very good experience of over 100 years in oil exploration and production that could be transferred to Nigeria.
In his remarks, Chief Whip House, House of Representatives, Mukthar Mohammed, said Nigeria was facing serious security challenges.
He said: “It is the duty of the global community to stand against it. We are calling on all friends of Nigeria to stand by us at this period.”


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