Cop killed in Kaduna blast is ‘competent bomb expert’

Sergeant Sunday Badang, the mobile policeman that was killed by Tuesday’s bomb blast in Kaduna, was well-trained in detecting and defusing bombs, police said yesterday.
The spokesman of the Kaduna Police Command, Aminu Lawal, made this known in an interview with Daily Trust, saying what happened to Badang was just an accident.
“If you were at the scene, you would have seen that the officer did not just go to defuse the explosive. He and his colleagues have tested the polythene bag and the area with bomb detectors before he went to defuse it. What he has done was commendable because his action has saved many innocent  lives.
“The officer is a well-trained and highly competent personnel. He was involved in defusing bombs at many places here in Kaduna. You journalists can testify to that because you were witnesses when he defused some bombs at Gonin Gora and other places.
Contrary to the belief in some quarters that Badang has acted foolishly, his colleagues said the deceased took all the necessary precautions before he went close to the bomb.
“It was after he was convinced that the leather contained no explosive that he went to see the content. It was unfortunate that he was deceived by our instrument,” he said.



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