Sisters Kill Own Brother For Sexual Harassment

Hyderabad, INDIA – Unable to bear his sexual advances, two women killed their brother late on Monday night. They have been arrested under the IPC section for murder, opening the question of their culpability.
P. Srinivas, 28, of Tirumala Hills, Meerpet, tried to molest his younger sister Surekha, 22, when they were sleeping in their home.
Surekha — who had been subjected to similar harassment in the past — woke her sister Lakshmi, 21, up and the two began beating Srinivas with a stick and a pestle. Such harassment had happened in the past, and Srinivas had promised never to repeat it, police said. He, however, did not keep his word.
Inspector T. Ravinder of Meerpet police, who is investigating the case, said that the investigation was still at a preliminary stage and they couldn’t jump to any conclusions.
“Once we produce the girls before the court, we will see whether the case can be considered under the Right to Private Defence, Section 97 of the Indian Penal Code,” he said. They have been currently arrested under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code.
Dr Diana Monteiro Couns, founder of Hyderabad Academy of Psychology (HAP), said that continuous abuse and mental trauma can push a victim to fight back and anybody could go to the extent of killing the perpetrator.
“There is a capability in all of us to snap. Given continuous victimisation and trauma that the women were subjected to, it could have led to pent up emotions suddenly snapping when the brother tried to molest them,” said Dr Couns.
“Especially in the middle of the night, when you are woken up suddenly and find yourself in danger, you automatically react to protect yourself rather than think and react. It can happen to anyone and, given the current situation, it sounds like that might explain in part why the sisters reacted the
way they did,” Dr Couns added.
Legal experts, however, say that considering the background of the case, the two sisters cannot be booked under Section 302, (murder) of the Indian Penal Code.



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