Ogun State Deputy Gov Pregnancy Palaver

Prince Segun Adesegun and Lara Adeyemi

The sex scandal trailing the Ogun State Deputy Governor, Prince Segun Adesegun, has refused to go away despite concerted efforts by him and his aides to deny he ever met, or had carnal knowledge of his alleged victim, Omolara Adeyemi, a 19-year-old English and Literature Undergraduate student of Lagos State University (LASU).
Miss Adeyemi is insisting she had several encounters with Adesegun at his official guest house in Abeokuta, that he always convinced her to have sex without protection, and that at a point he requested she threw a girlfriend in the mix for a three-some which she declined.
She also claimed when the affair started she never knew Adesegun was a top government official. She told pointblanknews.com  “I kept querying his identity because there were always policemen around.
It was after I started visiting the guesthouse and I first knew from his aides. I asked about his family and he said he was alone and as a Yoruba prince, he could customarily marry as many wives as his means could support”
Irked by Adesegun’s insistence, the young woman who described the 56 year old Adesegun as ‘wicked’, agreed that pointblanknews.com publish her photograph and her full names.
She also made available one of his ‘sweet ‘ text messages sent from his cellphone with last four digits 0471. Miss Adeyemi said it was in response to a text she sent acquainting him with her medical condition. He evaded the substance but replied, “ I am surprised at your standard of English which means you are brilliant.”
But in a telephone chat with pointblanknews.com on Saturday, the Deputy Governor maintained he never met Miss Adeyemi. One of his aides, simply called Fajimi, also denied any knowledge of the alleged affair.

According to Adesegun “ The whole story is a fabrication, and used to embarrass me. I never met her, nothing like that happened. I am a prince, if a woman is genuinely pregnant for me, why would I deny. I can’t run away from it. It is calculated to destroy me.
Let her come and face me with the pregnancy, I’m surprised you are part of this…learnt some people in Okelewo are using pointblanknews. At 56, I can’t run away from such. Anyone can get my number, and those of my aides, I have been in politics since 1982, so people know me. ”
Miss Adeyemi told pointblanknews.com “the Deputy Governor knows I’m not blackmailing him. For over three months, we’ve been on this. Tell me, why didn’t he publish all my messages to him even when I threatened him? On January 20, 2012, I visited my friend at Isolo to explain my predicament. I lost consciousness right in her house.
Her neighbor took me to Christ the King Hospital, Ire-Akari Road, Isolo, where I was attended to. The Deputy Governor was promptly informed but he never responded. Why say it’s all blackmail now? Because I made it public? For three months, we’d have sorted it out but I think I gave him a very long rope with which to either hang me or himself.
I don’t care what names anyone calls me. Let him come out and deny me.”
“ For six weeks I kept querying his identity because there were always policemen around. I asked about his family and he said he was alone and as a Yoruba prince, he could customarily marry as many wives as his means could support. This he maintained until the day his family came from the UK.
He still invited me from Lagos around 8:00pm without telling me his family was back. I still don’t know why he did this. It was the next morning that he hurriedly came to the Guest House; just a stone throw from the Governor’s Lodge and bumped into the room where I slept. He had rough sex with me even though I told him my monthly period just ended that morning and I was still spotting blood.”
“Up till now, he hasn’t called me to say when or when my parents should see him or at least pick his calls to deny me. He used to call or text me before he went to bed everyday. Our call and text logs are there to confirm if I’m lying”



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  1. dont worry, ‘o pe titi aboyun osun mesan, keep the pregnancy, we wil;l do DNA, Sikena!

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