Hugh Hefner’s Son Arrested

Martson Hefner

Martson Hefner

Hugh Hefner’s 21-year-old son has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.
Los Angeles County jail records show Marston Hefner was released on Monday after posting $US20,000 (NZ$ 24,120) bail.
Police Lieutenant Rick Aversano told the Los Angeles Times that police were called on Sunday to the Pasadena home that Marston Hefner shares with his girlfriend and arrested Hefner after determining she had minor injuries consistent with an assault.
The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Marston Hefner had allegedly attacked his Playboy model girlfriend Claire Sinclair.
Marston Hefner is one of two adult sons of the Playboy founder and his former wife, ex-Playmate Kimberly Conrad Hefner.
It was not clear whether he has hired an lawyer.
He could not be reached for comment, and the arrest was not addressed on the Twitter accounts of Hugh, Marston or brother Cooper Hefner.
TMZ reported that Sinclair was seen leaving the Pasadena Police Department, where police interviewed her about the alleged fight.
She told waiting cameras that she was granted a restraining order against the junior Hefner.
Sinclair told TMZ she called Hugh Hefner after the incident, and he was sympathetic.
In 2008 he have his first interview to GQ magazine, where he describes being raised by his mother, the January ’88 Playmate Kimberly Conrad.
“My mom is the hard-ass, because she has to be. She got 75 percent custody. She’s like, ‘That’s not okay,’ and my dad is like, ‘Oh, you kids.’ She has to play bad cop.”
In the interview he described a childhood surrounded by beautiful women, and he said he valued intellect above beauty.
Of his type, he told GQ: ”An intelligent woman that I can have a conversation with … That centerfold in the magazine probably wouldn’t be my girlfriend, because I wouldn’t find her attractive. I don’t care about fake boobs if the girl has a good personality, but most girls with fake boobs I don’t find attractive-because of why they got the fake boobs in the first place,” he said.



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