Kim Kardashian Showing Strain Amid Claims Humphries Is Out Prove She’s A Fraud

Kim kardahsian

Kim Kardashian has been facing even more divorce drama, if that’s even possible, with her soon-to-be-ex-husband Kris Humphries calling foul on the estranged couple’s wedding and marriage. It seems as if the failed relationship between these two has had plenty of time in the spotlight, especially with the E! reality show, Kourtney and Kim Take New York. But now the NBA pro apparently wants to air it out even more in public and prove that it was all a fraud — of course, much to K.K.’s chagrin. For once, the reality show diva wants the cameras far away from these proceedings. And she certainly looked stressed when she stepped out for a shopping trip in Miami, Florida on Thursday.
Not only was Kim Kardashian sporting a very low-key, relatively sad-looking (and very un-Kardashian-like!) ensemble, she also was wearing quite the downtrodden expression when she was spotted at the city’s Bal Harbour ultra-luxury shopping center. Her outfit was far from overtly glamorous, with simple, slim-cut black leggings, a jacket and a printed gray T-shirt, all paired with flip-flops. No sultry six-inch, red-sole Christian Louboutins this time!
But who could blame her for not feeling like dressing up?! Sometimes the best comfort may just be in the casual approach. It’s impossible that the divorce is not taking a toll on Kim Kardashian, especially given she reportedly wants to get the split from Kris Humphries over and done with as soon as possible. He seems to be the one dragging his feet now, putting some muscle behind his demands — but not for money, though. “His lawyers have said the only terms acceptable for a settlement would be if Kim agrees to Kris’ contention that the marriage was a fraud,” Daily Mail confirmed via an insider. “There is a stand-off… because Kim will never agree to that.”
Indeed, Kardashian holds true to her one-time love for the Humph and her marriage’s validity, even though it only lasted 72 days. It doesn’t seem likely she’d resort to confessing it was all faux and for show. Like many Hollywood couples, she and Kris Humphries just grew apart. At least that’s how her story goes. And with her smile turned upside-down at Bal Harbour, it appears her hours of retail therapy did nothing to improve her mood about the situation.



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