Michelle Obama takes on Ellen DeGeneres in a press-up challenge

Michelle Obama takes on Ellen DeGeneres in push-up challenge

Flinging off her leather jacket, Michelle Obama, joined talk show host Ellen DeGeneres in a set of press-ups in front of a studio audience and millions of viewers.
Appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, aired in the US yesterday, the 48-year-old First Lady had no qualms about getting down on her hands and knees with the talk show host and comedian.
Dressed casually in black trousers, trainers and a pink patterned top, she managed 25 press ups with ease while DeGeneres, visibly out of breath, stopped at 20.
DeGeneres, 54, said: “I thought it wouldn’t be good to show up the First Lady so I stopped. I thought that this looks bad that I am going to beat her.”
Mrs Obama didn’t let a hair get out of place during the exercise and didn’t show any signs of strain, admitting she could have carried on.
Defending the comedian’s performance she said: “There is an age difference.”
Mrs Obama has been going on a charm offensive the past few weeks, with a series of television appearances.
Keen to show the public and crucially voters in the upcoming election her worth, the display of physical strength on live TV certainly impressed DeGeneres.
She said: “Oh my god, that was amazing.”
The impressive set of press-ups follows a successful appearance on The Tonight Show, with Jay Leno, where she talked openly about her home life, admitting her and her husband embarrass their two daughters, Malia, 13, and Sasha, 11.



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  1. asabe

    i bet our Nigerian first lady can do better! lol

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