Did Leakage Of Information Cause Farida Waziri Her Job?

Former EFCC boss, Farida Waziri

The rumour making rounds in the seat of power in Abuja in the last couple of weeks is about the way the former EFFC boss was booted out over her leakage of some privileged information she came across to the media.
According to the gist,though her cup was full as there were complaints over her closeness to some of the people who were supposed to be tried by the body she headed,as well as her giving out car gifts to some people in the Presidency to help her secure her job,it was the leakage of some information which she had earlier provided to the President and the latter did not take action that led to her sack.
The story was that she came across information about a female minister’s stupendous wealth especially about her home somewhere abroad which she bought recently.The female minister in question they allege happens to be someone who has the ears of the President.
Farida Waziri was alleged to have taken the information to the President but Pres. Jonathan did not act promptly.This,according to the rumour mill made her to leak the story to the media.
The leakage however did not go down well with the Presidency they allege and the decision was taken to do away with her.This we gathered was why the Presidency could not come out to say specifically what her sin was and both sides might just keep quiet unless one side decides to throw its cap into the ring by opening it mouth.



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