Anti-gay Group Wants JC Penny To Dump Ellen

Photo of Ellen DeGeneres outside the Emmy Awards

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres has partnered with JC Penney for their new, revamped brand and the decision is stirring some major controversy. The popular talk show host has been so excited about this new venture, as have her fans, but there are some people who are less than thrilled.
“‘Family values’ watchdogs at are calling for action against JC Penney, declaring that ‘hiring an open homosexual’ like DeGeneres is a poor business decision for a company hoping to court ‘traditional families,'” reports Gossip Cop.
In a world where so many believe people have come a long way, this is one back pedal that is disturbing to even think about. Since when does someone’s sexual orientation alter the definition of “family?” wants Ellen DeGeneres fired because they believe that the decision to have her involved will actually “turn people away.” What?!
GLAAD has started a “Stand Up for Ellen” petition, firing back at the conservative site. It’s really unfortunate that people would stoop so low to say that someone like Ellen isn’t a good role model or that someone’s sexual preferences will have a negative affect on another person. Does Ellen’s partnership with JC Penney really change the way you shop? Ellen is smart, funny, and she is one of the few “good” people in the world. The claim made by is ridiculous and just plain sad. Seriously.



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