Joan Rivers Caught Smoking Pot

Joan Rivers tries out a bong.

Joan Rivers is not known as a shrinking violet.
But the 78-year-old has taken things a step further by smoking a marijuana pipe in a carpark with her friend – and had it all filmed for her reality show.
The comedian, known for her red carpet interviews at award shows, became so stoned, she was unable to drive home and later ended up fully clothed in a hot tub and drinking the water out of her shoe.
In footage from last night’s episode, she is seen getting stressed after Melissa invites her live-in boyfriend Jason Zimmerman’s parents to come and stay with them and her 11-year-old son Cooper.
She calls her friend Lynne who tells her she can get her something that will calm her down.
The pair visit a medical marijuana doctor for a prescription before heading to a shop that sells cannabis.
Joan tries out one of the bongs before buying a pipe.
She and Lynne then find a spot to park their car and light up the pipe.
The pair get the giggles and the munchies, with Joan exclaiming: ‘I’m starving, i want to eat right now, lets go.’
But Lynne, who is in the driver’s seat, is clearly in no state to be behind the wheel, saying: ‘I cant tell if I’m moving.’
Joan says: ‘I don’t think you should drive… I’m going to call Melissa.’
Her daughter arrives and is furious at the pair, saying: ‘Oh my god, we have to go right now come on, we’re going home… I’m ashamed of both you. You guys went and bought pot with Jason’s parents in town.’
In a piece to camera, she says: ‘My 78-year-old mother has now become 17, and I have become a soccer mum yelling at her teenage kid.’
The women make Melissa stop at a roadside food truck for burgers and chips.
Back at home home, Melissa tries to put the laughing pair to bed quietly, while everyone else sleeps.
She says: ‘I feel like I have just dodged a huge bullet. Thank God everybody is in bed. Thank God. Thank God Cooper’s spending the night at a friend’s house. It’s all good. No one needs to know.’
But Joan and Lynne aren’t ready to sleep, and go outside tom dive into the hot tub fully clothed in the middle of the night.
Joan decides it would be hilarious to drink some of the water out of her high heel.

Taste good?

Melissa comes out to see what all the commotion is about, yelling: ‘Shut up, shut up. You guys are in your clothes? You’ve lost your minds’.
Joan lures her closer on the pretence of telling her a secret, before grabbing her and pulling her into the water.
She hits the water angrily before eventually seeing the funny side and laughing.
Joan has recently admitted smoking marijuana to recover from her painful plastic surgeries and said in the ‘dark ages’ she used to get high with Golden Girls legend Betty White.
‘Well, I had a very difficult moment there after the surgery and I got medicinal drugs,’ she told the Huffington Post.
‘In California you get medicinal marijuana. You go to a doctor and you say I’m blue and he says here. It’s amazing, I was in shock. And I got it and I smoked it and had a great time.’



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