Another police station was bombed Tuesday evening in the crisis  city of Kano just  four days after Islamic militants  killed over 175 people in a massive attack  and the unleash of terror in the foremost ancient city.
No one has claimed responsibility for the attack yet as the police hasten up to know the possible number of casualties recorded.
Kano police had earlier in the State discovered 10 car bombs and many other explosives in Kano.
Human rights groups say the militant Islamic group Boko Haram has killed 935 people since 2009, using violence and terrorism to try to turn northern Nigeria into a conservative Islamic state.
Relatively, a U.S.-based Human Rights Watch has advised president Jonathan to take further steps against the militants, including beefing up the police presence.
Human Rights Watch says Boko Haram’s sophisticated and deadly attacks show a complete disregard for human life.
Meanwhile security agencies have arrested 158 suspected members of the Boko Haram organisation in pre-dawn raids on neighbourhoods in Kano city, the BBC reported last night.
During the raid, soldiers shot dead one Uzairu Abba Abdullahi popularly called Alhaji along with his pregnant wife at their Hotoro Tsamiyar Boka residence in Kano.



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