Human head, hand found under Hollywood sign

A day after a human head was found in a plastic bag near the famed Hollywood sign, police made another grim find today – a severed hand.
A search of the iconic Los Angeles setting was launched after two women stumbled across the head yesterday as they walked dogs in Bronson Canyon, a popular hiking trail.
When the two animals began investigating a discarded bag, the women took a closer look and found the gruesome item stuffed inside, reported.
A cadaver dog located the severed hand today, just a short distance away.
Investigators are now going door to door in the nearby residential area to ask if neighbours have seen anything unusual in the past few days.
“We’re hoping we can find more remains,” LAPD Commander Andrew Smith said.
Authorities believe the head belonged to an Armenian male in his 40s, according to the Los Angeles Times.
Judging by the state of the head, law enforcement officials believe the man died recently and they are treating the case as a likely homicide.
Neighbours and hikers who frequent the trail told the Times they believe the head was probably dumped there after the Tuesday morning rush of early morning exercisers.
Authorities also said it is possible wild animals could have moved the body parts. The area is home to many coyotes.
Investigators will try using dental records and fingerprints to confirm the victim’s identity, reports say.



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