Halle Berry not engaged afterall?

Halle Berry might not be engaged to Olivier Martinez after all. So why is she wearing a sparkler on her ring finger?

Hold up: Halle Berry is 'not engaged' to Olivier Martinez

Even though marriage has been a rough road for Halle, it seemed that she was about to give it one more shot when she was spotted sporting what had to be an engagement ring — at least it appeared to be one based on the finger she was wearing it on. However, a new report says that the ring was just a gift from Olivier.
Since Halle was spotted wearing it after Christmas, this makes sense. The ring is a festive emerald-green color and it doesn’t exactly look engagement-caliber — as demanding as Halle Berry seems to be, it would make sense for her to refuse nothing less than a dazzling diamond (she’s certainly no Jessica Simpson).
But while a source told TMZ that Halle and Olivier Martinez aren’t currently engaged, they reportedly aren’t against the idea of marriage – since the couple is in a very committed relationship, it “could be in the cards” for them.
And this is not the first time a celeb would have fooled everyone by wearing a ring – Selena Gomez recently sparked rumors that she was engaged to Justin Bieber by wearing a bauble on her ring finger, and there was similar talk about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux getting ready to tie the knot a few months back when she was spotted sporting a sparkler. So maybe these ladies are all trying to start a new trend – instead of engagement rings, wedding rings, or purity rings, their baubles could be seen as “commitment rings” – they might just be a way of signifying that they’re in a very serious relationship.
Or maybe Olivier gave Halle the ring as a Christmas gift without thinking that she might mistake it for an engagement ring, meaning he’s got to be questioning his jewelry choice now that she’s been wearing it on her ring finger.



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