Woman Killed In Stampede At South African Uni

One person has been killed and up to 20 injured in a stampede as students tried to register for classes at the University of Johannesburg.
The university’s vice chancellor Ihron Rensberg said there had been a surge when the the campus gates were opened.

“When we opened the gates this morning, we had this unfortunate, this very sad situation, where there was simply an unbearable crush on the front entrance, or front gate.
“The outcome of that was we had one parent, who was also in the queues, crushed, and she passed away.
“There are also two other persons who are critically injured.”
Emergency services confirmed up to 20 people had been hurt in the crush.
Thousands of potential applicants had queued up for days for about 800 places at the university.
Most were from poor families who had achieved good enough grades in national exams to be considered for higher education.
The application process has been open for weeks but many poor students do not have internet access and could not apply online.
Minister of Higher Education Blade Ndzimande said there would be an inquiry into the tragedy.
“We can’t go and punish UJ (University of Johannesburg) for what is a national challenge.
“But nevertheless, given what has happened the university vice-chancellor is assuring us that there will be an inquiry so that we can see what needs to be done.”



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