Babangida advices Goodluck Jonathan

Gen. Ibrahim Babangida has told President Goodluck Jonathan that political solution, entrenchment of value system, responsible leadership, meeting people’s expectations and good governance are ways out of the present national crisis.

The former leader said, ”In order to arrest this ugly trend and refocus our country on the path of peaceful co-existence in spite of our manifest tribal configurations, we must begin to revisit our value system and provoke platforms where this becomes the central theme of our collective discourse.”

“We must begin to consciously redirect our collective energies in entrenching a culture of strong and enduring moral super-structure as a platform for sustaining our once cherished value system, adding that the failure of governments and Leaders at various levels has further disconnected the people from their leaders; reason why there has been so much angst in the land.

“There is a potential breakdown of social contract between the leaders at all levels and the led. Leaders have failed in their responsibilities at meeting the expectations of the people. These days, the gap between the rich and poor has further polarized the socio-economic and political discourse on the basis of winner-takes-all thus making public office unethically attractive. This is why there is so much desperation in the contest for public office,” he added.


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